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Behavior Modification

Behavioral work is effective in treating a wide range conditions.  It is also called behavioral modification or cognitive behavioral therapy. Practitioners use behavioral approaches to replace bad habits with good ones and look for specific outcomes that can be measured.. Behavioral applications also helps you cope with difficult situations. It is most often used to treat anxiety disorders. However, you don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder to benefit.

Conditions Treated

Behavioral work is used by practitioners to help treat anxiety and mood disorders including:

Techniques Used

Edmond Life Coaching creates work plans tailored for each person. Some exercises utilized may include:

  • discussions about coping mechanisms
  • role playing
  • breathing and relaxation methods
  • positive reinforcement
  • activities to promote focus
  • journal writing
  • social skills training
  • modifications in responses to anger, fear, and pain

Practitioners sometimes ask clients to think about situations that scare them. The goal is not to frighten them but to help them develop different coping skills.

Benefits of Behavioral Approaches

The overall benefit is increased quality of life.

Specific benefits vary depending on what condition is being worked through. These can include:

  • reduced incidents of self-harm
  • improved social skills
  • better functioning in unfamiliar situations
  • improved emotional expressions
  • less outbursts
  • better pain management
  • ability to recognize the need for medical help


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