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Ron Gravis
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Trauma Work


Trauma applications hold a central place in my practice. I work with clients who suffer from mild anxiety to full blown/Complex PTSD and Panic Disorder. Many people avoid working with a trained mental health practitioner in the mistaken belief that it represents an accession to personal weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth! Doing work with a well-trained trauma practitioner can and will change your life!

Personal wounding/trauma (sexual/physical/emotional abuse, poor nurturance) can contribute to problems in relationships, work and general wellness. For some, remembering traumatic events causes continued buffeting of their emotional lives. These often express themselves as physical/medical deficits and psychological/spiritual downward spiraling. The pain that unresolved memories cause similarly manifest in highly personal negative belief sets: strongly held but false self-aimed creeds which are not true. These can result in damaging levels of guilt, poor self-esteem and high levels of anxiety.

Some clients also find it hard or impossible to step away from these fears - and they similarly suffer from intrusive flashbacks, dreams and thoughts, avoidance of people, places or things which trigger their anxiety. They often tend to become hyper-vigilant/hyper reactive, continuously scanning/monitoring their environment in the hope of attaining perceived safety and/or over-reacting to circumstances or people. Unfortunately, unless those who struggle with trauma seek professional help, they all too often consign themselves to a life of ongoing dread, confusion and functional deficits.

The good news is that help and healing is clearly possible! Trauma healing has expanded and improved in recent years – and personal wellness and growth is well within reach. Investing time with a trauma trained practitioner can make all the difference! I hope to hear from you so that we can begin our journey!

Wounded Warriors & First Responders

Wounded Warriors & First Responders

I have devoted a special place in my practice for Wounded Warriors and First Responders who struggle with;

  • PTSD
  • Panic Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-combat transitional issues.

Too many who suffer with these hesitate to seek help. Know that there is hope and highly effective treatment. You'll find a warm welcome and a safe place to reconnect and mend here


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